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How do you bring new life to a commercial space that has housed years of experience and customer care? Your business is represented by your location in addition to the quality of your services and products. You commercial space is undoubtedly sanitized regularyly. However, there is clean, and then there is Micro-fresh clean, which is a clean that is felt and often applauded. Investing in the optimal maintenence of your treasured space is an option for some, however, it is a neccesity for those company's who are serious about maintaining its community's respect and attention. If your business has stained carpets, worn hardfloors, water damage, dated upholstery, or just wants to upkeep and enhance your areas, Micro-fresh has the professional answer for your commercial cleaning needs.

Heavy foot traffic is a given with great businesses, but carpets are the least forgiving. If you have carpeted areas, Micro-fresh specializes in reviving worn these often dingy and dark areas. The youth of your carpets does not have to be comprimised because of your company's sucess. Our cleaning process repels stains and our cleaning experts are experienced in resurrecting and maintaining your carpets to save you from costly replacements.